Published March 3rd, 2007 by Mliesie

To get a taste for more…..

Every now and then I will post some pictures from my extensive collection. You can click on the pictures to see them pagesize. Would you like to see more? Please visit My Spaces (sidebar link available).

bashan.jpgBashanLijiang-market.jpgLijiang marketBlack Dragon Pool Park-Kunming.jpgBlack Dragon Pool ParkShi Lin-Stone Forest, Kunming.jpgShi LinXi Shan-Kunming.jpgXi ShanKite man-Daguan Park, Kunming.jpgKite manthe Dutchie and the windmill.jpgDutchie

Sanya fishmarket.jpgSanya fishmarkethit it!.jpghit it!the Buddha its all about.jpgSea Buddharice fields.jpgrice fieldsForbidden City.jpgForbidden cityForbidden City-under construction.jpgForbidden cityBeihai Park.jpgBeihai Park

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