Published November 14th, 2007 by Mliesie

I’m walkin’ on sunshine

What better feeling than knowing you have made some people very happy and also the fact that things seem to go exacty the way you want them to? There is quite a lot going on in my Yulin life right now, and all of it I’m enjoying enormously!

First of all, I have been in touch with a couple of people who found me through this blog. It turned out that all of them have adopted a baby from the Yulin Welfare Institute. People from Holland but also from other places all over the world. 3 of them (Dutch) I have been in touch with regularly lately, as 2 of them (are you still with me?) would be coming to Yulin to visit the Welfare Institute and ofcourse to see more of their daughters’ birthplace. After many e-mails, we finally met on Monday last! I had chosen 2 students to work as interpreters and we 3 had paid a visit to the Institute to make some arrangements for Willy and Katja. So, upon arrival in Yulin it was us together with the people from the Insitute waiting for and welcoming them at Yulin airport. It was great to finally meet the people I had extensive e-mail contact with over the last few weeks. Having put their luggage on the Institute bus, off we went to make some arrangements for the coming days and to enjoy a sumptuous meal (what’s new?) with local Yulin food. Don’t know for sure if all the dishes were very appetizing to Willy, Katja and Wilma….. ;-) After that it was finally time for them to go to the hotel, settle in a bit and let all experiences sink in. Back home I realized I have hardly ever seen people so grateful and so happy and with such a glow on their faces expressing their happiness! It made my day…. I thought.

Next thing I’m working on here is World Aids Day (December 1st); besides teaching about HIV/Aids in class, with help of the students trained by Ellie (my wonderful former VSO colleague), we are also organising many other activities. One of the things I had planned was showing the documentary ‘The Blood of Yingzhou District’. After having read a review on it, I knew we just had to have it. Unfortunately they charge USD30 for 1 DVD! Way too much money for our budget or my VSO allowance. I carefully explained my situation, and when I read my e-mail Monday evening…..guess wat? Yes! They offered us the DVD for free!! It made my day ……. for sure!

I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down the house, but when I was in bed I really felt like I was ‘walking on sunshine’……. One doesn’t need much to be happy. Just some happy faces, grateful people and a small gesture like a free DVD. These are the times I love life and people!

 …………………….Pfeeeew! Wonderful things seem to happen constantly; ‘my’ students are doing really well in their interpreting job (glad I had the right feeling about those two!), Willy and Katja are able to meet up with (almost) all the people they wanted to meet and it seems the Welfare Institute put up quite a show for them on the disabled children’s ward. A wonderful and succesful adventure all over!! The world is beautiful, the sun is shining and people are amazing!

I’m walking on sunshine

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    Ethel Says

    Hoi Marlies!

    Even in het Nederlands hoor! Ik ben zo zwaar nieuwsgierig na je laatste alinea! Ik heb een aantal mailtjes van Willy ontvangen tijdens hun reis. Na dinsdag/vandaag niet meer en ik ben toch zo benieuwd of alles goed is verlopen! Zo te lezen wel!

    Groetjes en liefs,


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