Published March 3rd, 2007 by Mliesie

Favourite pics

These are some of MY favourites…………..for no special reason.

TLG-waterfall.jpg TLG waterfall Yangtzi bridge.jpg Yangtzi bridge

Bashan.jpg Bashan Lijiang.jpg Lijiang

BDP-interesting creature.jpg interesting creature BDP-still life.jpg still life 

Sanya beach boats.jpg sanya beach boats primitive but effective.jpg simple but effective

styrofoam and wood.jpg styrofoam and wood Nanshan Buddha.jpg Nanshan Buddha

Nanshan feet.jpg Nanshan feet Nanshan dripping bottle.jpg eternal dripping bottle

 mijn lief en zuid-Chinese zee.jpg mijn lief and South Chinese sea

you and me, me and you.jpg you and me, me and you

a Sanya bridge.jpg a Sanya bridge fishing boats.jpg local fishing boats

Sanya fishing fleet.jpg Sanya fishing fleet Forbidden City-all handwork.jpg all handwork

Forbidden City-alley.jpg alley Forbidden City-chipped paint.jpg chipped paint

Forbidden City-old and new.jpg old and new lantern and pot.jpg lantern and firepot

star rated toilets.jpg star rated toilet Beijing hutong.jpg Beijing hutong

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