Published May 7th, 2007 by Mliesie

Chinglish and other hilarious things

Ever since I arrived in China, I have seen translations that just made tears run down my face. I have wanted to set up this page for a long time, but discovered that one of the other volunteers had already done so. So I decided against it. Up until now…..I just can’t resist sharing some of the funniest translations ever with you or things I walk in to here and there that just leave me flabbergasted. Hopefully we share the same sense of humour, so you will find it as funny as I do. If not,…..too bad!

upside down.jpg    park entrabce notice.jpg

upside down…….      no comment

no urinating.jpg   kut leer.jpg 

..not here, no…..        use dictionary for translation…

 its not Russian!.jpg    how fragrant exactly.jpg 

take a good look!!!    wonder what service to expect?

starrated toilet.jpg     old and new.jpg

star rated toilet!        (very) old and new


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