Published May 10th, 2007 by Mliesie

Wet feet

Yesterday I was teaching with my feet in the water, today they got soaking wet from the rain!

Why was I teaching with my feet in the water? Ha! I’m sure you would like to know…..

At the beginning of this year I split up some of my Oral English classes, as I thought them to big to teach properly. First of all the room I have to teach them in is a little too small for 45+ students and with me being hearing impaired (sounds quite interesting, huh…) that number of students seemed a little too noisy to properly work with them. Hence my decision to split the classes. Now that we have got used to each other and with me wanting/needing to make up some classes, I decided to put them back together again and teach full classes twice a week for the coming weeks. As temperatures are rising rapidly, the classes asked if we could have lessons outside. No problem! There’s more space, fresh air and ……. WATER!!! Let me explain the latter; we have a lake on the College Campus and in front of the lake there’s a big square. As there’s a lot of construction going on on the Campus, water needs to be pumped out of the dug up holes or needs to be rerouted for whatever reason. You already guessed that this water is being pumped into the lake. Unfortunately, the lake isn’t that deep so it overflows now and then. Luckily for me, that is what happened yesterday as I was teaching out at the square in front of the lake. My students already thought I was a bit nutty, now they think I’m completely crazy ;-) Not only MY students, but probably half of the College’s as many of them were passing by and couldn’t resist looking at what was happening. I’m afraid I actually saw some of them secretly trying to take pictures! Oh well, it was nice and cool and it had a special effect on my students. As soon as I stepped into the water, they all went silent and immediately listened to me. Perhaps a new way of getting students’ attention? I could try it in class tomorrow……. Anyway, I had fun and cool feet, the students had fun in the sun and we all had a great lesson. What else could one wish for?

As for today….nothing but rain, all day long! It is almost like being in Holland…..Yuk!

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