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Published August 27th, 2006 by Mliesie

In China, it all works out in the end (or before..)

Yes!!!! My luggage has arrived. I just couldn’t believe it when we walked into the hotel lobby and  when I saw my big, orange, Eddy Bauer bag!!!!!!!

Mind you, I did go on a shoppingspree today, where I actually became really good at bargaining.. So here I am, walking into the lobby, my new rucksack loaded with nice tees and other stuff I needed to get me through the coming weeks (or so I thought…), new sandals on (wow, amazing to walk around with no socks on!) and there’s my bag. First thing I see as I walk in. I was so happy, and still am. I’ve been through it all already; staying calm after arriving with nothing but the clorthes you’re wearing and your laptop, handwashing in a teeny, weeny sink, staying calm after over a week with 2 new tees and 3 extra knickers, thinking I volunteered to give my clothes away (although not voluntarily….), still staying calm and then find out that one should never give up hope!!!!! YEAH!!!!

Unfortunately my battery is running low, so you’ll have to be a little more patient for news on last weeks adventures. But I’ll keep you posted!

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