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Published September 29th, 2006 by Mliesie

Off to Xi’an!

Just a couple of hours before we get on the train to Xi’an. My ’small’ backpack is filled with food and tea (it does take over 12 hours to get there!!!) and a good book, the other one’s standing by the door, ready to get out of here. But before I head out, just a little update: 

On Wednesday Ruby took us to a HotPot restaurant, where everybody gets his own hotpot with three different tastes/soups. I had spicy, tomato and vegetable. With it your order various dishes to cook in the hotpot. Lots of veggies, mutton, dofu, whatever you like best. After about 5 minutes I already knew why this is so popular in winter, especially after having dipped my food in the spicy ’soup’…. A real nice experience and I wonder what Ruby has up her sleeve for next time?

Last night  (Thursday) we had dinner with our Dean, the 2 vice-deans, secretary of the party of our department, a Japanese teacher and Mr Liu (I’m afraid I’m not exactly sure what his job is, besides teaching..). On entering the restaurant I actually saw some live frogs and other strange animals in freshwater containers…..Mr Liu reassured me that YuLin people won’t eat that and he pulled a face like I would have, when thinking of eating it. So, again an absolutely fantastic dinner and very pleasant evening, with good conversation and lots of fun. How am I ever going to get used to the food back home?? It’s all so tasteful here and the food has so many different tastes to it! And I’ve only been here for what….5 or 6 weeks now?!

Afterwards Ellie and I went to a students’ performance in the former canteen. Unbelieveable how talented they all are in various fields of entertainment; singing, dancing, cabaret, playing the violin, gymnastics,etc. Grrrrr! It was great watching them though. Sorry to tell you I didn’t take any pictures. But as there will be more performances you will definitely get your share.

Today just a very domestic day with laundry….washing up…watering the plants…setting up buckets at the leakages……AND packing my bag!!!

Like I said…a little update. See Ya!