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Published February 13th, 2007 by Mliesie

I’m back!

It’s been a while, but it seems I can finally access my blog again….

As you all know I wasn’t able to access internet at all for a while, due to the earthquake in Taiwan. The problem was solved fairly soon, only not all cables were properly fixed or fixed at all. Because of that, a lot of websites were still not available, one of which was my blog. Lucky you! As I did want to keep you posted you should all (most of you…) have received my bulkmails, written in Dutch, keeping you updated on what happened here during my absence from the blog.

I know it has been quite a while now, but I am back and there is a lot to tell. Won’t bore you with too many details, which is impossibe anyway as I have forgotten most of them over time….. A short overview of the last 4 weeks:

January 10th

Ellie, Kate and I are off to Xi’an on the nighttrain. Our final destination will be Lijiang, in the South West of China

January 11th

Ellie and I have arrived in Lijiang; Kate went to Baoji to meet up with Marilyn and Railene, 2 other VSO volunteers. Both Kate and Railene will meet us in Lijiang in a couple of days.

January 14th

Kate and Railene have joined us in Lijiang. Unfortunately Railene doesn’t feel too well, but we decide to do the 2 days’ “Tiger Leaping Gorge” walk anyway.

January 15th, 16th and 17th

Tiger Leaping Gorge is probably the best thing I have done so far, since my arrival in China. The mountains are overwhelming as is the beauty of the area…..including the Yangtzi River!

January 18th

Railene and I are off to Kunming. I will be there for 2,5 weeks trying to learn some more Chinese; Railene is off to Nanning to meet up with her next group of travelling companions to go to Vietnam. Kate and Ellie will go into the mountains for another couple of days.

January 21st to February 8th

Enjoying my time in Kunming and Keats Language School. It’s hard work and I am not sure if I’m making any progress….. Perhaps I should study a little harder and be less distracted. Several colleagues/friends from VSO travel through Kunming and it’s great to see them again, share our experiences and have some good laughs. One of them even joins me at the Language School! I am a little sorry to leave Kunming behind (especially the great cappuccino, which I had to miss for 5 months!), but I am also happy to go ‘home’ again. Especially because Marcel will be there on Sunday!

February 8th - ……now

Good to see my own flat again!!! Walking around town feels very familiar although I have to get used the staring and ‘ Hello’s!’ again. Nothing of that in the south of China as they are much more used to foreigners there. It does make me realize that even though there live about 600.000 people in Yulin, in that way it is still a village in a rural area. When I go to ‘my’ restaurants and shops, the people immediately recognize me and ask me if I went home for a vacation. They are surprised to hear I didn’t, but also quite proud that I decided to stay in China to spend my vacation here. It’s great to see the smiles on their faces and knowing that you are part of their lives by now.

Sunday I finally saw Marcel again after 6 months! Tomorrow we are off to Hainan Island where we hope to spend some wonderful days enjoying each other even more and the beautiful surroundings of the island.

Talk to you soon!