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Published December 29th, 2007 by Mliesie

Merry Christmas everyone!

Before Christmas, my students tell me they would like me to teach them a Christmas song….. No problem, there’s enough fun stuff on my laptop for them to struggle with. I end up teaching 3 songs: 12 Days of Christmas (great fun!), War is over (unanimously chosen) and Feliz Navidad (some Spanish as well) which they all seem to enjoy very much.

When I ask my students WHY we actually celebrate Christmas, only 3 out of more than 200 (!!) tell me it has ’something to do with the birth of Jesus’. Hmmm, some more explanation about that is necessary I guess. But when I start telling them about the fact that Jesus wasn’t really born around Christmas time it’s a little too confusing (I actually wonder how many people in the West know about that..). Then I start my story about Santa Claus c.q. Father Christmas living on the Northpole, together with Mother Christmas and the elves who help out in the ‘gift factory’. Ofcourse I cannot leave out the fact that Santa Claus is derived from the Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’…… Yeah, yeah, I know it’s all a bit much, but ‘hey!’, I’m also supposed to teach them a little bit about Western culture! Anyway, they enjoyed themselves, they learned something more about Christmas and they had fun singing!

Not only fun in class, but also at home. I told Miao we would have the most tacky Christmas party ever and celebrate together with some friends and students. Western food (pasta salad, tuna salad, home made tomato soup, devil’s eggs, fruit salad, meatballs and a spice - not SPACE! - cake), silly little presents and loads of fun. It worked out great! Tacky Christmas decorations all over Yulin. We didn’t even buy the worst ones……although the coloured, flickering lights tend to drive me a little crazy ;-) Everybody really did buy a silly 5RMB gift and we played some fun games. Below some of the pictures of our party and the weirdest Christmas tree I have ever had (it’s starting to look a little sad now..). Best of all…… we really had a ‘White Christmas’!

Hope you all had fun holidays as well.

party.JPG     xmas tree.JPG     sober as what!.JPG     all the girls.JPG