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Published March 24th, 2007 by Mliesie

Graduation stress

Every so often the newspapers report about graduated students on a jobhunt and the difficulties that come with it. Many of the reports are about unequal treatment of the graduats as to the college from which they graduated, their work experience, even the looks are an issue….

Here, at Yulin College, the 4th graders are very worried about their future. Many of them did a post-graduate exam trying to get into another college. A college with more status than Yulin with the expectations that they will be able to get better jobs. Unfortunately many of them did not pass the exam. This means they will have try again next year and have to find a job for the time being, or they will have to go on a jobhunt to find a set job because they have given up hope of passing the exam next time. All of this causes a lot of stress and many, many tears.

The future doesn’t look too bright for many students. They are either refused, because they don’t come from a well-known university like Beijing Foreign Language University or Xi’an North West University, or they have to pay a large amount of money in order to get the job, something many students don’t have or just refuse to do, or they have to get a job in the rural areas which means low pay and hard work in difficult circumstances (try to imagine classes of 90 students or more, no proper books to teach from, no central heating in winter, no proper desks or seats for the students, no….), or they have to go back home again and take care of their parents or work the land (mostly the girls). Perhaps they seem picky because they refuse to get a job in the rural area where they are very much needed, but considering the circumstances……….

Some of them are lucky, they come from wealthy families and are able to continue their studies at a good university or even abroad, some students are sponsored and will be able to go abroad for further education, and some are just very smart (perhaps lucky), having passed their post-graduate exams and being able to continue their studies at another university as so to pursue their dream. They will perhaps once be teachers, psychologists, translators, interpreters, tour guides or whatever it is they hope to achieve in life.

Right now most of them already seem to have given up hope, without having graduated yet. I feel I can only look at it from a distance, try to give some advice here and there, and tell them never to give up hope. I firmly believe that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, however gloomy the future might seem. Hopefully I’m right……

Take care and remember: ‘Always look on the bright side of life!’