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Published November 14th, 2006 by Mliesie

Habits, custom, culture…..

As I walk back from Kate’s flat to mine (about 4 blocks further on..), I see a man running around the corner of my apartmentblock and taking a stand on the grass next to the road. He wears a quite smart suit, he hastily and with a painful look on his face zips open his fly and with a relieved smile on his face releases the contents of his bladder…..zips up and walks back with a deep sigh of contentment.

I’m quite used to the little kids squatting everywhere and peeing and pooing through the slits in their pants and undies, but these adult men with their smart clothes unzipping their flies and hugging the walls in almost any public place around…..naah, still isn’t very appealing to me! Just lucky so that they don’t also squat and poo through the slits in their pants and underwear…….Just imagine…