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Published April 2nd, 2008 by Mliesie

The new Yulin Airport!!

Current News

Yulin accepts first test flight

Yulin Airport in China’s Shaanxi Province, which will begin operations in March, has accepted its first flight to check the airport’s operational effectiveness. Yesterday a China Eastern Airlines A320 aircraft departed from Xi’an Xianyang airport and landed safely at Yulin.

The new Yulin airport is located 15.5km from the downtown city. The airport construction started in December 2005 and total investment reached US$69.44 million (Yuan 500 million).

The runway is 2,800m long and 45m wide and can accommodate Boeing 737 or Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft. The airport has a design capacity of 350,000 people per year.

In March the airport will start operations with routes to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Xi’an. It will be the second largest airport in Shaanxi Province after Xi’an Xianyang International airport. 

Left:  Yulin accepted its first flight to check the airport’s operational effectiveness

This is it! The new airport in Yulin…… Actually, 15 kms out of Yulin, in the middle of the desert.
During our visit last weekend, we kindly requested if we could take a look inside as it is still under construction (the official opening is 10 April coming). We got in, under the condition we check if we could find any mistakes on the notices……… Boy did we find ’some’ mistakes! Most of them funny and silly, some of them really stupid mistakes. In the end we were actually allowed to roam the whole airport, every single corner of it. Just to find ….. mistakes. It still amazes how many incorrect notices there are in official buildings or wrong expressions. Chinglish all over the place. We could have kept silent; we decided not to.

If ever you are to arrive or depart from the new Yulin airport, check it out! I cannot guarantee though that they actually DID correct the mistakes. Perhaps we need to spend another bike ride on that…