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Published August 20th, 2008 by Mliesie

Raindrops keep falling on my head….

When I said goodbye to SC, it poured; when I said goodbye to YWH, it poured; when I said goodbye to my kids at the YWI today, it poured and it still does!! In Holland we have a proverb saying:’The angels are crying..’ Yeah, right! I cry inside. 1 Of the kids actually started screaming and kicking and she was crying her eyes out when she heard I wasn’t coming back, another one asked whether I didn’t come back because she wasn’t always nice to me and also very naughty and teased me a lot. I told her that definitely wasn’t the case!!! One of the naughtiest boys said he would miss me a lot and I got loads of hugs, kisses and wonderful smiles today. It’s hard to leave them all behind, I wish I could take some of them with me to always see their happy faces and enjoy their laughter. That, unfortunately, is impossible. All I hope for is that they will find a great home, with loving parents and maybe, just maybe they will remember me …..

But… I’ll be back as I am now definitely in the process of setting up a project for the YWI. Focused on the ‘disabled’ children, to make their lives better, to try and improve their living circumstances and for some even to make them more independent. Of course I need help for this and money. All the people in the YWI are very eager to get this project running, because they have seen over the last year what can be done and they realise what still needs to be done. They, more or less, put the fate of the children in my hands; they gave me their trust and I will put my heart and soul into making this project work, together with the YWI and some of my students who are very much involved. So today’s goodbye is not a farewell…..

As the big guy said: “I’ll be back!”

screamin and kickin BL.JPG   screamin’ and kickin’

 kids, caretakers and us.jpg  kids, caretakers and us

 hugs and kisses.JPG  hugs and kisses